User Experience Design

Create contextual and personalized experience
to turn shoppers into customers and drive engagement.
User Experience Design

Good user experience (UX) design just doesn’t happen on its own. Creating improved user experiences in a b2c market via interactions happening at the same time is no easy task. UX design in its essence is a process of improving user comfort rates. It can be done via better usage and accessibility of business by customers as well as the pleasure in interactions between the potential customer and your product. If you can imagine your product as a human body, then the bones are the programming code that provides your body with a structure.

UI & UX – an inclusive experience

Usability of your website is a major part of the puzzle where user interface (UI) kicks in. UI is an integral part of developing a sophisticated approach named UX. It includes visual elements you see, like click on or hover on while interacting with a website.

UX, on the contrary, is comprehensive and involves UI and other user experiences. A properly developed UX meets the needs of customers both in good usability as well as website learnability, its efficiency, and user satisfaction.

And the UX design performs the function of your organs. It measures the input and optimizes your bodily functions to supporting life.

First of all, everything starts with an idea, and we make it happen. UX is not about mere design gimmicks, as many may mistakenly think. The core is in analyzing customers’ behavior, and the groundbreaking research is necessary to investigate and optimize hypothesis developed by the UX team.


UX website
UX website

Providing your visitors with a platform where they can begin their shopping experience remains essential to your business’ future. The home page receives particular attention as the main gateway to your ecommerce platform. Many users employ search engines, like Google or Bing, and they will likely direct them to the homescreen. Therefore offering appelaing content and high-quality design is of the essence to keep clients on your site. can be of use as an example because its UX team was able to develop a homepage that asserts they’ve done their research and deeply perceive customers’ needs. As potential travelers, their client wants to look up the hotel options as fast as they can. If they are unsure about where to go the homepage provides them with some needed inspiration to keep their business.

UX mobile app focus

Most commonly when companies start their website development they go through a mobile app as well. Focusing on having a robust website and failing to offer mobile experiences leaves you at the end of the pack. Let’s not forget about the immense numbers of business transactions that are conducted online. Your company can increase their number with a proper UX design by a wide margin. Number wise, according to Mashable, ‘online sales will account for by 15% of total UK economy by 2017’. Around 30% of online spending in the UK, Germany and US, states, The Centre for Retail Research, is in mobile commerce. Jumping on board of such an opportunity may make or break your business.

Indeed, way too many consumers go through their mobile devices first in a search for the product they want. You will do positive harm to your brand if your website is not mobile-friendly at least. On Aprill 22 this year Google dropped on us its new search algorithm that ranks mobile-friendly sites much higher than those which are not. Entrepreneurs can feel up against the ropes as having a mobile app in their digital strategy is vital. But the truth is that the OrbitLift team was able to create responsive design websites for those clients who wanted to blur the line between their mobile website and their app.

UX mobile app
Offline and online user journeys
Offline and online user journeys

While having to utilize a variety of devices and marketing channels seems familiar enough many service providers, like Airbnb or Wallmart, have to deal with extra special challenges. The main reason is that their customer experiences include both digital and real world interactions. OrbitLift provides a custom-made design to multiply cross-channel experiences and to deliver a unified story across digital and offline customer touchpoints. We are ready to move from an in-app push message to a printed leaflet, from an old-school phone conversation with a sales team to an email with links to the desired things, and, of course, it’s all done in a continuous manner each step of the way.

The key goal of OrbitLift is to develop bespoke seamless offline and online user journeys. It supports the businesses who want to create digital products and engagement strategies that result in increased consumer activity and sales. Such approach offers a useful, easy-to-use, and good-looking customer-centric experience.

The major work starts with research of users that employ your business to develop their buyer’s persona.

We start from the beginning by noting down consumer demographic info like age, race, gender and geolocation. We also utilize Google Analytics and other services to get a clearer picture.
Then we identify problems you can help your target persona solve.
Think about their conscious and unconscious needs of going through emotional desires, and aspirations. All factors that can make them tick can help you sell your service/product.
We identify the people of influence to your target audience and make sure they are promoting your business.

consumer demographic
Get to know your users and give them what they want
Creating value across the customer life-cycle
Set & Measure Your KPIs

Having analyzed the possible information architecture, OrbitLift can also do a complete usability testing. Its goal is to check for usability faults and make your data convert into real life buyers.

We take responsibility and set specific KPIs. Identifying the numbers to be held accountable for achieving is essential to progress and have a definite goal in mind.
Don’t get over-enthusiastic with your KPIs. We analyze previous digital marketing efforts to build on them. We do our best to avoid setting expectations too high, but we strive for the best.

Effective company branding is not just a logo and proper coloring scheme of your website. It encompasses the experiences of every interaction of your customers with your service. It means that:

  • A fully fledged branding structure is more than a mere logo. It’s about a complete experience.
  • Designing your website requires to make it systematic and c conversion-centric.
  • A well-thought out and tested branding and design strategy performed by OrbitLift makes the difference between a realized sale and the customer leaving.
Effective company branding
Get to know your users and give them what they want
Design that is centered on conversion
Set & Measure Your KPIs

An appealing landing page design is vital to make a lasting impression on customers. But how crucial is it? According to recent research by by Google and others you have around 50 milliseconds to impress. And 94% of first impressions are design related. So it is wise to employ professionals like OrbitLift to make sure your design showcases your product in an easy to grasp way. To do just that we take care of:

  • Bold & uncluttered design to grab customers’ attention
  • Design that is centered on conversion
  • In-Depth & Detailed explanation of how the product benefits your customers
  • Clear CTA buttons and proper general clickability

Scalability of our UX design solutions meets the needs of each project and budget. It can range from basic Sharpie sketches to interactive prototypes with full-on design solutions. OrbitLift double-checks the design strategy with the budget available to create an experience that thoroughly delights your customers and achieves the outcome you want makes the effort worth your while.

  • We analyze and estimate your optimal digital marketing budget to be on top of the game.
  • Take a closer look at the historical data of what was done and worked before and at what cost
  • Make a decision whether you need paid promotion and at what stage (Adwords or social media paid ads)
Scalability of our UX design
Get to know your users and give them what they want
Summary of our processes

We at OrbitLift believe that the UX analysis is crucial at the stage of construction of the new architecture of your project. This is the “foundation for the house”. And to be a strong one it depends on the reliability of the entire design, the outer looks of the building are certainly important from an aesthetic point of view, but its stability is laid down at an early stage (design and construction of the core foundation).

That is why the stages of research, analysis, and planning UX are imperative and key to building a successful business.

Our approach can be reflected in the following points:
  • Discovery
  • Planning UX
  • Prototyping
  • Design
  • Coding
  • Test &
  • Measure &

UX design is as important for startups as it is for the fully fledged businesses. According to a Forbes report, over 90% of startups that did not fully utilize UX failed within a year. A UX design team can do all the necessary research to understand your potential target clients before you launch. This helps eliminate the obstacles startups usually face in the process of their stabilization on the market. If we talk about an in-depth research, it aids well-formed businesses as well. It helps optimize conversion rates, improve sales and get the loyalty from customers that are all too necessary in the long run.

After careful consideration are you interested in having a UX team onboard? Let us make plans for the future! Reach out to us and we’ll discuss your goals and the work that’s been done and still lies ahead.

We can help you set a budget to fit your needs and to create an outstanding digital marketing experience for you. Contact Orbitlift so we can propose your business the best solutions and immediately start developing the scope of work and schedule that suits your needs.

And what is the outcome of our cooperation in UX? You will receive well-documented and validated user experiences for your business, which means a better understanding of your users and your company. And a starting point for the best UX design is to contact OrbitLift.

Get ready to achieve a higher level of excellence