eCommerce Strategy

Take advantage of this 10 step checklist to successfully launch your online store.
eCommerce Strategy

If your company is starting primarily as an online player, you’ll need to perform external and internal analysis to answer central questions about your target market, business model, go-to-market approach, as well as to choose the right eCommerce software, and identify key metrics to track and analyze.

One of the most important decisions you’ll be faced with while working on a minimal viable product is the software selection that would allow you to setup and run your business.

eCommerce software

Basically, you will need eCommerce software to help manage inventory, upload images of your products, run promotion campaigns, deal with customer orders and run customer relations management team.

payment solution

You will also need a payment solution that offers a variety of easy ways to for customers to pay, as well special software for proper taxation and advanced shipping solutions.

Currently, there are some quality eCommerce solutions on the market that offer these components in a bundle, and allow efficient company management so that you can concentrate on marketing and business development rather than worry about the backend software glitches. While choosing a solution suitable for your needs, it is important first to develop a list of requirements and features you need in order to run your business.

Choosing wisely at this stage is a must, as the solutions you select will set the limits for future business growth.

Some of the most widely-used eCommerce platforms



From the very start, you need to understand the pace of scaling of your operations and plan to develop an infrastructure in such a way that you won’t have to change it in a couple of months because your business outperforms the given platform capabilities.

Therefore, the most important thing you should have set up from the very beginning is a detailed technical requirements document. The more specific and thought-out this document is, the better your digital commerce platform will be developed. Last, but not the least, is having precise technical requirements that allow you to avoid exceeding your budget limits, not only in the development stage but also during the customer flow increase.

Apart from the purely technical standpoint, it’s vital to create the optimal user experience. To accomplish this, you’ll need to define your customer persona, identify use cases, and think about first-time user experiences.

The example of Customer Persona
prospective customers

Age 25-40
Mom, wife, reseptionist
Education: Bachelor
Income: $50 000 - $100 000/year
Goals: Be a good wife and mom

From a marketing strategy angle, you’ll need to identify your prospective customers, and make demographic and behavioral segmentation. These processes are important in the understanding of how your offering caters to their needs. Think about how you present your products (online merchandising), how you position your brand image and plan to develop its initial awareness. Finally, how you turn on your growth framework to manage ROI-driven customer acquisition and ensure customer loyalty is also of the essence.

Having that in mind, your goal may be to transform your physical stores into an omnichannel retail marketplace, or to start a digitally focused retail business successfully, our goal is to help you in your efforts.

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